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Our fabric hard cover binding is our most popular binding option, and allows for custom gold seals and lettering making your book stand out on any book shelf.  

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We carry a variety of fabric options to help complete the look and ensure your order matches the quality content of your work. We offer Buckram, Levant, and Cowhide cover options. 

Click swatches below to view sample books:

Imitation Leather Levant Grain Fabrics

Buckram Fabrics
Imitation Leather Spanish Finish Fabrics
Aggie Maroon
Cowhide Leather

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Customer Testimonials

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Just a note to say THANK YOU for such a fantastic, professional, and reliable service you offer. You did an AMAZING job with my A4 binding of 3 copies of my PhD. I was having trouble finding anyone in Florida who knew what “A4” size was, and the slightly different, British layout for the cover and spine design. Your company gained my trust very quickly– the individuals on the phone were so helpful and really care about the services you offer and your clients. You did such a fast, efficient job and thanks to all of you, I will meet the deadline submission for Liverpool’s December Graduation! The PhD copies arrived perfectly packaged. Cheers
Dr. Natalia Wentink Martin
Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did with binding my dissertation, along with the careful packaging. I nearly cried when I opened the box. It represents about two years and a lot of hard work, along with many research participants, 12 of whom made the final selection. I appreciate the careful way you put it all together for the final format, one of which I’m keeping for myself; the rest are gifts.
I received my bound dissertation today. What an excellent job! Thank you (and everyone else) who layed this up. I’ll definitely recommend this style of binding and your company to the other PhD candidates in my department as well as show it to the professors and department head. My opinion only, but I think this looks so much better than the ugly old covers traditionally used. Next semester I’m going to another institution and I’ll show them this and recommend your company there, too. You’re the best in the businesss! Keep up the great work. I’m way beyond pleased. I will definitely be telling all my friends about your great service. Thanks again.
I cannot thank you enough for the excellent work you have done to print my Thesis! The hard bound copies are classic and the color of the faux leather is just what I hoped. But the best, by far, was the way the “Perfect Binding” copies turned out! Thank you so much for the work you spent to bring my vision into reality. Thanks as well for being so quick to respond and getting the printing done and at my door in plenty of time! I will definitely recommend you again to next year’s graduates!


Most frequent questions and answers

You can view our prices on the price page or use our Quote/Order Wizard to instantly get a price that includes shipping.

Orders of 10 books or less received before Noon Central Time are processed in 4 work days, and we ship on the 5th work day with the shipping speed that you choose.

Orders over 15 books will take longer, depending on on how busy we are.
Odd sized books (smaller or bigger than 8.5×11 inches or A4) will take longer, depending on how busy we are

Click here for more details about Turnaround Speed.

You can easily convert your file to a PDF file by following the instructions below.

Option 1: Save your Word file as a PDF file from inside Word.

Yes, Microsoft Word allows you to save your file as a PDF file instead of a Microsoft Word file. Just open your document in Word and SAVE AS pdf. Very simple!

Option 2: Create a PDF online at one of the following:

Search the web for “convert files to pdf” or “pdf printer” for more options.

Option 3: Create a PDF on your computer:

Go to Google and search for “free pdf printer.”

You’ll be given a large number of sites where you can download free or shareware PDF printer programs. Select one, download and install on your computer. After installing it, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Word file or other file.
  2. Click print.
  3. Instead of selecting a physical printer, you will select the .pdf printer you just installed.
  4. Name your file when prompted.

For all 3 options, please carefully go through your new PDF file to make sure the fonts, formatting, and margins remained the way you want them. Also, make sure that your document is the size you want for binding. U.S. Letter size paper is not the same as European letter size paper. U.S. letter size measures 8.5 x 11 inches. European letter size is A4, and measures 8.27 x 11.69 inches. If you submit A4 document and you choose 8.5 x 11 printing/binding or vice-versa, we will contact you to send a new file. That may delay your order!

Method 1: Combine your PDF files for FREE online at:

NOTE: File size limits may apply.

Search the web for “merge pdf files online” for more options.

Method 2: Combine your PDF files for FREE on your computer:

Go to this site:

Download and install Adolix Split & Merge PDF.

Follow the instructions in our Adolix Instructions file.

More than 99% of PDF files print exactly on our end as it appears on your own computer. But sometimes, if you use any special font for your document (including, but not limited to, foreign language font or special characters such as mathematical symbols or accents), your document might not print properly. This happens because we have only a limited number of fonts on our systems. If we do not have your special font on our system, Adobe Acrobat will automatically substitute the closest matching font on our system. This could be the wrong font.

In order to be certain that your document will print exactly as it displays on your computer, you must embed your fonts.

Below are 3 ways to Embed fonts in your PDF file:

Embed your fonts in MS Word:

1. Within MS Word click File “Save As”
2. From the “ Save As Type” drop down menu choose “PDF”
3. Click on “Options”

4. Under “PDF Options” check off “ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)”
5. Click “OK” to create the PDF
6. Fonts are now embedded

Embed your fonts using Adobe Acrobat:

All full versions of Adobe Acrobat will embed your font, but you must make sure to select the option.

NOTE: Acrobat Reader is not a full version. You cannot embed your fonts with Acrobat Reader.

You can embed your fonts using Adobe Acrobat 9.0 as follows:

  1. Open Acrobat Distiller
  2. Click Settings in the menu bar
  3. Click Edit PDF Settings
  4. Click Fonts in the left panel
  5. Make sure “Embed all fonts” is selected, as shown below.embed
  6. Click OK (no need to click OK if option is already selected).
  7. Close Acrobat Distiller.
  8. Make your PDF file as usual.

2) Embed your fonts with 3rd party PDF software

Go to Google and search for “free pdf printer.”
You’ll be given a large number of sites where you can download free or shareware PDF printer programs. Select one, download and install on your computer. After installing, look for the Embed Fonts option (not all free PDF printer software have font Embedding option) and select the option. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open your Word file or other file.
  2. Click print.
  3. Instead of selecting a physical printer, you will select the pdf printer you just installed.
  4. Name your file when prompted.

NOTE: You cannot embed your fonts with online PDF conversion services. Online PDF conversion services do not allow you to upload your special fonts. The special fonts used in your document file MUST be installed on the same computer as your PDF conversion software.

First, note that we do not alter your PDF file in any way. The content and margins of your PDF file will be printed exactly as you give it to us.

For single-sided printing, the pages in your PDF file will appear after each other in your bound book in the same way that they appear in your PDF file.

For double-sided printing, the pages will also appear after each other, except that the PDF pages with even Numbers will print BEHIND the PDF pages with odd Numbers, as shown below.

DO NOT use the pages to be printed on your document to determine how your pages will print. Instead, you must use the PDF page numbers. As shown below, PDF page numbers do not always match the numbers printed on the pages of your document.

If you want 2 pages to face each other, you MUST make sure that the PDF page number of the page on the left is even and the PDF page number for the page on the right is odd.

You can place your order with a PDF file and send your signature page or pages to us by mail. Please notify us to hold your binding until your signature page or pages arrive. You will tell us to wait for your signature page or pages in the section of our Quote/Order Wizard called “Comments/Additional Instructions.” We do not want to bind your document without your signature page, so please alert us to wait for your signature page in the mail before we bind

You will only be charged the color printing rate for specified pages. You will tell us which pages to print in color in our Quote/Order Wizard. The pages you specify in our Quote/Order Wizard are the only pages that we’ll print in color.

We don’t need your file just to give you a quote. Instead, you will be prompted to upload your file after making payment.


PHD Bookbinding considers the information in your electronic or paper document to be completely confidential. The contents of your document will never be reproduced in whole or in part or disclosed to a third party without your prior written consent. If after we have filled your order you want additional copies of your document produced, you must make the request with the same email address you used for placing the initial order. Otherwise, you must submit a new document file.

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