Gold Foil Emblem and Lettering

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Gold Seals & Lettering (for Fabric Hard Cover Binding ONLY)

Spine Lettering options:

Gold Foil Lettering on the Spine of your book is available only for Fabric Hard Cover Binding.

If you DO NOT want your name or title on the Spine of your Fabric Hard Cover book, just enter NONE in the space provided for your name and NONE for your title, when placing your order in our Quote/Order Form.

If you want your name and title on the Spine, the lettering is applied with Gold Foil, using the information you provide in our Quote/Order Form, including Name, Title and Year of Publication or Graduation.

      • Your Name and the first 3 Title Lines are Free!
      • Title Lines 4 & 5 cost extra
      • Year on Spine costs extra

Front Cover Lettering options:


Gold Foil Lettering on the Front Cover is available only for Fabric Hard Cover Binding. Click here to see more samples.

Front Cover Lettering can include the Title of your document, the Name of your Institution, Year of Graduation, etc. If you want Front Cover Lettering for your Fabric Hard Cover books, choose that option in our Quote/Order Form and enter the information you want to appear on the cover. It’s as simple as that!

      • Front Cover Lettering costs extra

Gold Seals/Emblems


Gold Seal/Emblem on the front cover is available only for Fabric Hard Cover Binding.

      • Gold Seal/Emblem costs extra


Custom Seals/Emblems:

Seals and Emblems are applied to a Fabric Hard Cover with a metal die. We can order a die for your custom project. E.g. Family book, Genealogy book, Visitor’s book, Photo book, etc. Please email or call us if you want a custom emblem for your project.

College Seals/Emblems:

You can have a Gold college seal applied to the front cover of your Fabric Hard Cover book. College seals measure about 4 inches in diameter. Just select the option when using our Quote/Order Wizard, and it’s as good as done.

Do we have your seal, logo, or emblem?

Below is a list of some available College & University emblems.

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