Publish with PHD

Publish your work with PHD Bookbinding – A new way to publish!

It’s as easy and affordable as purchasing your own copy!

  • Pay for as little as a single book, then list it on our site.
  • Charge the price you want – with the markup or royalty you set!
  • Keep ZERO inventory, but sell as much as you can!
  • Sell your books on our site directly to your buyers.
  • Yes, leave the printing, binding and shipping to us!
  • Know when you sell a book and how many have sold with an immediate email notification.

Most companies which offer “short run book printing” require a minimum order which could hardly be considered small.
Consequently, costs can quickly get out of hand for the average buyer. But what if you could begin publishing with a run of just ONE BOOK?

With PHD Bookbinding, you can do just that.
List your purchased book on our publishing bookstore, and start promoting & selling immediately.


Not just for writers!

We’re excited to offer this service – custom, on demand book publishing – to anyone & everyone who can utilize it.

  • SCHOOLS – send your students & parents ONLINE for their yearbooks, without the extra cost of web design or order fulfillment!
  • FAMILIES – easily have your Genealogy books shipped to relatives far & wide, without the burden of paying for an entire print run.
  • NEWLYWEDS – make your wedding photos available for all your loved ones, at no extra cost.
  • PARENTS – offer photo books online for Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts – delivered right to their door!
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS – showcase your talents in hard-bound digital prints – sell an oversized full color hard cover no one could resist.
  • EMPLOYERS – let us print your training manuals on demand, and ship them directly to the new hire.


CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US if you are interested in offering your book in other formats.
We offer multiple Hard Cover and Soft Cover options!

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