SuruDesigner® is our design Software, and we offer it to Photo Book and Yearbook designers for Free.
This powerful Mac/PC software speeds the process of laying out complete Yearbooks and Photo Books from cover to cover, and you don’t pay extra.

SuruDesigner is Easy to Use, Really
Other software like Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher are certainly not free, but are suitable for laying out your Yearbook or Photo Book.  For a user without experience, however, these programs may be difficult to learn and use, because they have numerous distracting features that may be extraneous to your design.  By contrast, SuruDesigner is made for designing Yearbooks and Photo Books.  So it is intuitive and easy to learn, and a first time user can design a Yearbook or Photo Book in no time at all!

How to Use
Step 1: Download and install SuruDesigner on your Mac or Windows computer.
Step 2: Download the SuruDesigner Tutorial PDF file.  Open the Tutorial file and follow the instructions.

Additional Resources
SuruDesigner already contains a variety of background images and decorative artifacts for your Yearbook or Photo Book.

But if you prefer to design  with Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, or Quark Express, that’s fine too. These programs allow you to convert your document to a PDF file, which is all we need to publish your Yearbook or Photo Book.Click here to order with a PDF.