Perfect Binding(Softcover Paperback)

  • Print ONLY the pages you want in color to save money!
  • Regular Paper choices include 20lb Bond, 60lb Bond
  • Cotton paper choices include 25% Cotton, 100% Cotton

For 25 OR MORE books contact [email protected] for volume discount

Perfect Binding is “Paper-Back” binding. 

The cover consists of one piece of cardstock, printed with the information or graphic of your choice. The cardstock is then glued to the spine of your document and wraps around your document as shown in the above examples.

Perfect binding provides you with great flexibility. You can print in full color any information or design you want on the wrap-around cover. 

You will need to provide the file for your cover design when you place your order. Otherwise, we can design simple layouts for free.
NOTE: You can find help for complex designs in your area or online by clicking the links below.

Note that after we receive your Perfect Binding order, we will email you a PDF proof of your cover layout AS WELL AS a Microsoft Word version.

We do not have a graphic designer in-house!

Your FREE cover layout is auto-generated by computer with the instructions you provide in your order. You can approve the PDF proof or make changes in the Microsoft Word file and send it back to us by email. But we cannot complete your Perfect Binding order until we get your approval. So, your order will be delayed by the same amount of time it takes for you to approve your proof.

IMPORTANT: We strongly suggest that you make changes to the Microsoft Word file on a computer, NOT on your phone or tablet. Click here for Instructions to make changes to your cover with Microsoft Word.

Click the links below to find cover design assistance in your area or online.